Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my reservation?

Refunds may be issued for cancellations up to 24 hrs. in advance of your scheduled time. You may cancel by clicking the link in your confirmation email or by calling our Visitor Center locations directly. We hope you can reschedule for a future date, without penalty!

Are late arrivals permitted? What should I do if I can’t make the tour time?

Late arrivals are not permitted. Our low staffing, limited space and restricted capacities in place to keep you safe do not allow us to be as flexible as we would prefer. Late arrivals interrupt other guest’s experiences. Please plan ahead when leaving other experiences and allow plenty of drive time.

Please arrive 20 minutes early to be sure to secure your spot.

If you participate in a guided tour with one of our tour partners, and the group arrives late, the Tour Company is responsible to issue any refunds for the late arrival.

Is a tasting included for the tour or “A Taste of History” experiences?

Yes! A guided tasting of each of our products is included with each experience for guests over 21 years of age. Guests under 21 are permitted on the experience with an admission ticket but will not participate in the tasting. A complimentary glass is our gift to each participant over the age of 21.

“A Taste of History” Experience booked separately lasts approximately 20 minutes and does not include a full tour of either facility.

Should I book multiple experiences for each location?

No, our tour experience goes in-depth through our processes and showcases our distillery and grounds and lasts for about an hour. However, both our tour and “A Taste of History” experience include the history, information about our unique processes, and a guided tasting with keepsake glass. “A Taste of History” is an abbreviated experience lasting approximately 20 minutes and is meant as an alternative to the tour.

Guests may only participate in one experience per day. “A Taste of History” information and flight sampling is included in our tour experience.
Please book one experience per day. Our “A Taste of History” Experience is included in the Legacy Tour.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Reservations are required for our experiences. Only the number of guests specified in the reservation are guaranteed. We are currently booked out two months in advance.

Do you have more than one location?

Be sure you know which location you’ve booked a reservation for! We have two locations, detailed in the title of the experience, in the description during your booking process and in your confirmation email. Directions links are imbedded in your experience confirmation email.
Our Warehouse & Bottling Tour is suspended at this time due to close proximity in the tour vehicle.

How much Four Roses will I sample?

We are only licensed to serve you 1.75 oz. of samples in your tasting per KY LAW. We want you to enjoy, but our motto is “Be mellow. Be responsible.” Ours is a fun, but educational experience.

Overserved guests will not be permitted on tours or may not participate in our tasting, as determined necessary by our Visitor Center Management and Staff.

Are children allowed on tour? What about my service animal or pet?

Families are welcome for most experiences. Children joining parents on experiences must have a ticket and a reservation.

Only Service Animals are permitted in our Visitor Centers and along tour routes. Pets are welcomed on grounds but may not enter.

Is your tour ADA accessible? Do you offer scripts or other options for the hearing impaired?

Each of our facility tours are ADA accessible. Scripting is provided for each tour and “A Taste of History” experience for the hearing impaired. We welcome you to call ahead or reach out to us with special requests so that we can make your visit most accommodating!

Do you serve cocktails?

Yes. Bar 1888 offers seasonal cocktail selections and straight pours of our Bourbons. Additional recipes are available to enjoy on a rotating basis through the year.

Drink limit in our cocktail bar is two per adult.

Do you have a restaurant or event space on site?

At this time, Four Roses does not have a café or restaurant onsite. Please ask a host for a list of local restaurant recommendations and help us support our communities.

Can I park overnight or “tailgate”?

“Tailgating” is not permitted on grounds and open containers in parking lots are prohibited. Regretfully, overnight stays in the parking areas are not permitted.

Our Commitment:

We strive to create an environment of mutual respect and enjoyment for all! No abuse, foul language or any mistreatment of our staff or other guests will be permitted. Any violations will result in immediate dismissal from the property, and potential criminal charges, if applicable. Security is on grounds 24/7.

Welcome, Bourbon Lover

Four Roses is committed to safe, responsible drinking.

Please confirm you’re over 21 years old.